Visualizing knowledge in XY

to understand and visualize the knowledge ecosystem, we started from XY 🙂

we are using an ethnographic methodology, starting by interviewing people.

we started from XY staff, by asking them to start a conversation about four topics:

– organizational models (describe the organizational model of xy and possibly draw it)

– information flow (origins and destination of informations)

– lost opportunity (what and when access to some information source could have helped you to solve a problem)

– are you preparing you self to communicate and share the experience of the workshop to others

we started from Alessandro Tartaglia (X, FF3300), than Alessandro Balena and Lucilla (Y, Dinamo), trying to make them drawing the models, or drawing together.

we will proceede by interviewing teachers and participants, and than we will extend the research to the city of Castrignano, with the help of the Councillor for Culture of Castrignano de Greci.

this are the result of the first three interviews:

foto 4

foto 5

foto 1 (2)

foto 2 (2)

foto 3 (1)


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